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August 2012
By: Thomas J. Shara

It’s back-to-school time, 42 percent of consumers are expected to increase spending on apparel and school supplies, according to a survey by the International Council of Shopping Centers and Goldman Sachs1. Whether you fall into this group, or plan to stick to last year’s budget, back-to-school shopping is a perfect time to teach children to save.

Learning how to save is one of the most valuable lessons we can impart to our children. Children who learn how to manage their money early can become lifelong savers and hopefully financially responsible adults. Spending and saving wisely also teaches discipline and patience. Having good financial habits will be especially helpful as the next generation faces the challenges of planning for retire ...

By Robert A. Vandenbergh

Coyne-PR-(2).pngWe all know it can be challenging to navigate in a tough economy, but it can also offer businesses new opportunities. Coyne Public Relations is a perfect example of a company that is focused on taking a proactive approach during an economic downturn. CEO Thomas Coyne believes in marketing more aggressively when everyone else is quiet.

While many businesses stayed put, Coyne PR proceeded forward. They turned to Lakeland Bank during the recent recession to discuss Read the full story

By Jeffrey J. Buonforte

Retirement PlanningIt used to be that everybody retired at age 65, but a growing number of Americans are working well past that age. With increased life expectancies and an uncertain economy, how can you determine the right age to retire? The answer varies for everyone, but there are several strategies that can help you determine your ideal retirement age.

New York Times career coach Eilene Zimmerman recently wrote a great article that explores the financial, emotional and health factors to cons ...

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