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Multifactor Authentication

Authentication Image and Pass Phrase

Online Banking is more secure than ever with Multifactor Authentication. This added layer of security allows the user to identify the bank’s website before entering confidential information such as a password or account number.

Each user is assigned a unique and random image. In addition, the customer is prompted to enter a unique ‘pass phrase’ of their choosing. During each login, the image and phrase should be verified before entering a password. If the correct image and phrase do not appear, then do not continue and contact the online banking support area for further assistance, or simply visit www.lakelandbank.com and attempt to login again.

Challenge Questions and Registering Your Computer

In addition to the Access ID and password, the bank utilizes an added measure to help verify the user by identifying their computer. If desired, an internet “cookie” is stored on the customer’s computer(s) and is recognized by the bank. If the cookie cannot be recognized, the user is prompted to answer one of several challenge questions that they previously established. If these challenge questions are not answered correctly, access to the user’s online account is disabled.


Certain business transactions are categorized as higher risk and therefore require additional verification. Wire transfers, tax payments and ACH entries initiated online require a one-time password that is generated by small electronic device called a “Token”. About the size of keychain, a token provides a unique numeric sequence that changes every 30 seconds and provides the latest in technology to protect the online banking user.