Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day – January 28, 2019

Personal information is like money – value & protect it! On Data Privacy Day, we’re encouraging our customers to become more informed about how their personal information is being used in our digital society. Mobile devices make access to your email, banking & social media accounts available anytime, anywhere. Follow these 6 simple tips to keep your information & money safe.

  1. Keep your mobile device & apps up to date. Defend against viruses & online threats by using the latest security software & operating systems.
  2. Be aware of phishing scams. Avoid opening links & attachments in emails, text messages & on websites you are unfamiliar with.
  3. Secure your internet connection. Protect your wireless network with a password. Be cautious about sharing information over public Wi-Fi networks.
  4. Avoid public charging stations. Charge your devices in secure locations like your home, car or office.
  5. Completely wipe your mobile devices before you donate, sell or trade them.
  6. Be cautious of your mobile app downloads. Beware of apps that ask for unnecessary “permissions.” Delete apps you rarely or never use.

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