4 Reasons to Spend Local

Where do your dollars go once they are spent? Well, that might be a loaded question – but it’s important to know that the choices made as a consumer do matter. Your dollars may have a long journey ahead of them or they could end up staying local, it all depends on where they are spent in the first place. We may not always think about this, but making the choice to spend locally could have a positive impact. Here are four reasons to choose local the next time you make a purchase or pay for a service.

  1. Enhances the Local Economy.

 Money spent close to home at locally-owned businesses goes directly back into the community instead of the pockets of national corporations which may be located thousands of miles away. This can ultimately create local jobs and promote a strong economy fueled by genuine customer relationships and mutually beneficial business partnerships. When small business is at the core of a community, its character is enhanced, making it a more vibrant place to live and work.

  1. Makes Way for More Options.

 When it comes to shopping, consumers always want options. However, when a few giant corporations dominate the market and control the options available to consumers, choices can become much more restricted - often unknowingly. Although the selection of products and services may not be as vast at smaller retailers, a collection of these businesses can create a greater amount of diversity within the market. Smaller ventures often offer unique products and services that may not appeal to the masses, but they also won’t be available to the masses either. Spending local puts the control back in the hands of the consumer instead of the larger retailers that have already sifted through options and selected what they think will be desired in a market.

  1. Enables Personalized Customer Service.

 Small business owners understand that the impression their company makes on locals has the power to propel success or bring their dream to a standstill. Customer satisfaction is their livelihood. Because of this higher level of care, local businesses tend to be more in-tune with customer needs and can often tailor products and services accordingly.

  1. Creates a Closer Community.

Shopping at local businesses gives neighbors a chance to connect with each other. It’s much easier to meet people in your community and get to know someone when you see them often at the local coffee shop. Many local business owners help make their local communities better by serving on the boards of local nonprofits, providing donations for charity events, and often making investments that add value to the neighborhood.

 There are plenty of ways to support local business owners and New Jersey’s economy. If you are looking for an easy way to spend local, give one of these ideas a try:

  1. Get your car serviced at a local mechanic.
  2. Shop at a nearby farmers market.
  3. Join a locally-owned gym.
  4. Visit a boutique store to shop for gifts.
  5. Sample the menu at a new local restaurant.

Not only does buying from a locally-owned business conserve energy and resources in the form of less fuel for transportation and less packaging, but spending local also means supporting the ambitions of innovative thinkers who have stepped out to exhibit a skill or share a passion. It often takes years of hard work to launch a business and a great deal of continued effort to help it thrive. Choose to spend your money at these types of businesses to help make your community vibrant and strong! 

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