What Steps Can I Take to Organize My Home on a Budget?

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Life happens, junk accumulates, and storage becomes a free-for-all. When extra clutter becomes overwhelming, it’s time to manage your mess by rethinking your home organization strategy. Follow these steps as you tackle trouble areas in your home.

Step One: Purchase multi-purpose organizers.

Equip yourself with affordable organizers that you can use to sort, consolidate, and store belongings systematically. Instead of buying fancy organizers with a higher price tag, purchase basic multi-functional organizers. Visit your local dollar store to purchase plastic bins of various sizes that can be used in drawers or on shelves. Canvas bins or baskets are other versatile options that you can buy or potentially even find within your home to repurpose. If you have bigger plans in mind, cube organizer shelves, hanging shelf units and decorative storage may also be useful. When you have resources available before you get started, it will be easier to commit to and achieve your organization goals. Just remember to stick to a reasonable budget and to save all of your receipts so that you can return anything you don’t use. 

Step Two: Prioritize high-traffic areas.

Time is money. Make the most of your organization efforts by focusing on the spaces that are utilized most often. 

Kitchen – As the heart of your home, the kitchen is often a catchall for anything and everything. Add some method to the madness by dedicating a small space for everyday items that would otherwise take over the room. Utilize compact storage solutions like mail sorters, small baskets, and hanging hooks to consolidate items like keys, mail, chargers, and other everyday odds and ends. This designated spot can serve as your kitchen command center and be the go-to place to keep essentials accessible.

Entryway – Tripping over shoes the moment you walk through the door is a quick way to feel unwelcome in your own home. Put effort into making sure the place you see first sets the right tone for your entire household. Limit clutter by being selective about the jackets and shoes that get to remain in the area. Some of the smaller bins or baskets you gathered can be used to neatly hold hats, umbrellas, dog leashes, and more. If you want to take your organization another level, use a cube organizer shelf to designate a spot for each family member or pet. Having a specific place for their shoes, bags, and other essentials they need access to on-the-go will keep things in order.

Living room – Does your living room look a little too lived in? The more disorganized the space the trickier it is to truly get comfortable or host guests. Bins and baskets are effective places to stash toys, games, books, and more. They will help you consolidate like items and make it easier for you to pick up at the end of each day. Pick storage solutions that complement your décor to help the entire room feel more put together.

Garage – It’s no small feat to turn one of the dirtiest places in your home into an organized mess, but it’s a task worth the work. A cleaner garage can give you the flexibility to relocate items from your primary living area to further reduce clutter in those places – a win-win! To get started, focus on the bigger items that take up the most space: bikes, your lawn mower, storage boxes, etc. Then sort and organize smaller items: tools, gardening supplies, etc. As always, get rid of what you can first. When you’re ready to organize, group like items together and use containers of various sizes to consolidate. Don’t be afraid to rethink where items are stored either. Even if your lawn mower has had the same parking spot for years, you may be able to maximize space by relocating it to another area in the garage.

Step Three: Ditch the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality.

When messes hide behind closed doors, they tend to get out of hand. Instead of having an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality, face the problems head on. It’s always beneficial to maximize space in closets throughout your home. Odds are you have a collection of belongings that you’ll never wear or use again that are just waiting to be thrown out, donated, or sold. Avoid the temptation to let the piles grow over time. Instead, look for ways to make the most out of your closet space and effectively store items that you don’t want visible or scattered in various places throughout your home.

You should also address disheveled drawers and cluttered cabinets. Start by sorting through their contents and decide what you need to keep and what you should donate or dispose. When you’re ready to move the keepers back into their places, make sure you do so methodically. Narrow bins or baskets make great drawer organizers, and cabinet racks can also help keep areas neat while also maximizing space. You can use these same principles to reorganize your pantry as well. When your pantry is organized and you can easily see what you have available, you will be less likely to purchase duplicates which will save you time and money in the long-run. 

Step Four:Make some extra cash.

As you sort through your belongings, be sure to set aside items that you can sell secondhand. Whether you choose to sell items online or bring the items to a local thrift store or consignment gallery, you could collect a little extra cash instead of letting the items collect dust. There are a variety of apps that make it easy to take pictures and share postings about items you want to sell with people in your area. The money you make could be reinvested into your home in the form of upgrades, repairs, or additional organizational projects. Regardless, you are sure to find some use for it, like putting it toward a credit card balance or a date night.

With some hard work and determination you can transform your cluttered mess into an organized space. If you are having a difficult time finding the motivation to get started, remember start small – even organizing one cluttered drawer in the kitchen can be motivating! You won’t be able to reorganize your entire home overnight, but consistent effort will make a big difference over time.

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