Saving Money

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Holiday Bonus

The holiday season is here and that may mean a holiday bonus or cash gift for some of us. While it may be tempting to spend it quickly and maybe even frivolously, take a step back to consider some of ...

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Money Lessons to Teach Adult Children

From crawling to driving a car, and much more in-between - it's a privilege to share the knowledge that helps shape a young mind. Although life lessons will look a lot different when children have gro...

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5 Easy Ways to Jumpstart a Holiday Savings Plan

It’s no secret the holiday season makes big money for retailers and their marketing push to consumers can leave wallets feeling a lot lighter. In anticipation of higher-than-average spending ove...

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Buying or Leasing a Vehicle

Is Buying or Leasing a Vehicle Right for Me?

When the time comes to shop for a new vehicle, you will have a fair share of options to consider each step of the way. Aside from the fancy features and safety ratings, it is ultimately about getting ...

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Wedding Expenses

5 Wedding Expenses that can Break Your Budget

Long before vows are spoken and rings are exchanged comes the not-so-romantic task of creating a wedding budget with your soon-to-be spouse. With the average cost of a wedding totaling around $30,000,...

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5 tips to create a budget friendly nursery

5 Tips to Create a Budget-Friendly Nursery

If you’ve ever shopped in the baby aisle, you know just how easy it is to let miniature-sized items fill your cart and get the best of your budget. It’s no secret that raising a baby is ex...

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Ways to Help Your Home Keep Its Value

Easy Ways to Help Your Home Keep its Value

Maintaining a home is an ongoing investment, however all your effort to keep it in tip-top shape can pay dividends over time. Making even small improvements can add value to your home while helping yo...

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Emergency Savings Fund

Why It’s Important to Build an Emergency Savings Fund to Avoid a Crisis

Check engine lights turn on, last minute trips come up, company layoffs occur, and unanticipated medical bills add up. Life happens, and sometimes that means unexpected expenses. When there isn’...

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Build and Rebuild Credit

What Can I Do to Build and Rebuild Credit

Credit makes the world go round. In today’s world, establishing, building, and maintaining good credit is essential for your financial health. When you have poor credit, it’s hard to get a...

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How To Get Healthy Without Breaking the Bank

How to Get Healthy Without Breaking the Bank

You can live a healthier lifestyle without busting your budget. Whether you want to lead a more active life or need to make a serious change for your overall well-being, committing to be healthier doe...

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