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Lakeland Financial Services is a Division of Lakeland Bank

Market-Linked CDs at Lakeland Bank

The Market-Linked CD gives you the power to protect your principal investment against loss while potentially earning a higher rate of return. It's designed for clients seeking an alternative to low interest rates on traditional CDs and for those who want to avoid the risks associated with direct stock market investments. Instead, it’s an FDIC-insured CD which pays variable interest payments tied to the performance of a basket of 10 common stocks. This stock basket consists of large, well-known companies, and may include names of companies that you know and use regularly.

Market-Linked CDs are ideal for a long-term investment. Features include:

  • Potential for a return above traditional CDs rates
  • Guaranteed return of principal value if held to maturity
  • FDIC insured*
  • 5-7-year terms with a minimum deposit of $10,000
    ($5,000 for IRA accounts)
  • Semi-annual variable interest payments

The Market-Linked CD has potential risks including the possibility of no return in excess of the minimum guaranteed return, if any, and risks to the principal investment if not held to maturity. All depositors should read the Market-Linked CD account disclosure to fully understand the potential benefits and risks of this investment. In all cases, your Market-Linked CD has a guaranteed return of principal value if held to maturity. A penalty may be imposed on amounts withdrawn before maturity.

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*Up to the amount permitted by law. For complete details, consult the term sheet and full disclosure. You should also consultyour tax advisor prior to any purchase.

Securities are offered through Essex National Securities, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC, an independent broker/dealer and Registered Investment Advisor. Insurance products are offered through Essex National Insurance Agency, Inc. Neither are affiliated with Lakeland Bank.