Apple Pay

Apple Pay is available to Lakeland Bank Debit and Credit Card users!

  • Make purchases without

    • Fumbling through your wallet or purse to find your card
    • Swiping your card
    • Revealing debit or credit card information to merchants
  • Setup is simple. Here's how.

    Simply download the latest update for iOS for your device. There are no additional apps to download.

    1. Add your Lakeland Bank Debit or Credit Card to Apple Wallet. Take a picture of it with your compatible iPhone or iPad, or enter the information manually.
    2. Start shopping. Use Touch ID on your device to authenticate your purchase.

    It's that simple.

  • Where will Apple Pay work?

    You'll be able to use it in restaurants, popular retailers, and wherever you see the Apple Pay symbol.

    Use at over 220,000 locations - including national retailers and restaurants.

    Apple PayThumb Print

  • Which devices can I use with Apple Pay?

    Current mobile devices compatible with Apple Pay.

    Apple Pay has enhanced security features that aim to make payments more secure than traditional payment methods.

    • No debit or credit card number or personal information is shared with the merchant
    • Your transaction information isn't stored by Apple
    • You will continue to enjoy the 24-Hour Fraud Protection your debit and credit card offers