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Still no luck in finding that money tree? While the search continues, a consumer loan is your best bet if you're in need of a little extra cash. Drive off in a new set of wheels, plan a big event, update your home.

Quit daydreaming and let us help you make whatever it may be a reality! Flexible rates and terms, friendly personalized service, experienced loan specialists, and local banking convenience - you are sure to receive the loan that's right for you and your budget.

Home Equity Loans & Lines

You put money into your home, it’s about time it returns the favor! Borrowers who meet income limitation and property location requirements may be eligible for rate discounts with our special Home Equity Advantage Program.

Insurance Line of Credit

Need quick access to funds? This interest-only revolving line of credit helps you borrow against the value of a life insurance policy.

Personal Loans

What’s that we hear? Wedding bells? Pomp and Circumstance? A refrigerator that’s about to quit? Whatever it may be that’s headed your way, a low-cost loan will get you the cash you need to take it on.

Simply Home Improvement Loan

Perfect option for smaller home improvements with no collateral or equity required.