Online Banking Security

SSL Encryption

Lakeland Bank utilizes the latest Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology which enables encryption of sensitive information over the Internet and allows for website authentication.

Access IDs and Passwords

Online Banking Access IDs and passwords should be treated as sensitive information. Lakeland Bank recommends that they be committed to memory or stored in a secure location. We also urge our customers to avoid using browser settings or automatic form software to remember Access IDs or passwords, use complex passwords, and change passwords regularly.

Multifactor Authentication

Online Banking utilizes additional security during the login process called Multifactor Authentication. This added layer of security allows the bank to employ methods beyond the user’s login credentials to identify the user. These additional factors, which include recognition of various browser, computer and geographic settings, together serve as a unique “fingerprint” for each user.

Challenge Questions and Registering Your Computer

If the bank cannot recognize this fingerprint, the user is prompted to answer one of several challenge questions that they previously established. If these challenge questions are not answered correctly, access to the user’s online account is disabled. As an alternative to challenge questions, the user may request a one-time passcode that will be sent to the e-mail address on file with Lakeland Bank. This passcode can then be used to login to Online Banking.


Certain business transactions require additional verification. Wire transfers, ACH payments and other services initiated online may require a one-time password that is generated by a small electronic device called a “Token”. About the size of a keychain, a token provides a unique numeric sequence that changes frequently.

Online Fraud, Account Takeover, Phishing & Identity Theft

Protection against online fraud is the responsibility of both those providing the online service and the users who conduct transactions over the Internet. Lakeland Bank has taken extraordinary steps to protecting its customers’ personal and financial information, and we look to our customers to be diligent and wary of suspicious behaviors that are inconsistent with usual bank practices. Please visit Lakeland Bank’s Fraud page to become familiar with these and other criminal attempts to obtain confidential data, including check and phishing scams.