Cash Management Solutions

For information related to any of these services, please contact:

Asiyah Ratrie, Vice President / Cash Management Sales Manager, at 973-404-2226 or your local branch.

Remote Deposit Capture

Skip the lines and extend your banking day. Deposit checks without leaving your office. Using the latest technology, our desktop scanner captures digital images of your checks and transmits them electronically to the bank’s secure server.

Merchant Services

Streamline all customer debit and credit card payments, in one place. Let us process your transactions while you enjoy faster access to your money; local banking convenience; 24/7 service, and increased efficiency. Packages can be designed to fit your specific needs and to accommodate Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diner's Club® and debit cards including STAR, NYCE, MAESTRO and INTERLINK® transactions. Learn More

Positive Pay

When it comes to security, it’s best to be proactive. With Positive Pay, we monitor items presented against your account. Automated check validation ensures your payments are going to the correct payees. Additionally, stay informed with daily reports of any suspicious check payments drawn on your account. We will keep you up-to-date with account activity so you can avoid potential losses.

Payroll Processing

Be well organized and efficient; manage your payroll process and direct deposits with our user-friendly program through the ACH network. Upload your own NACHA-formatted files to the bank or use our online banking system to generate your own.


Outsource payment processing and collections by using our Lockbox service provider. Enjoy full-service handling of accounts receivable checks, automated collection and receive reports that interact with your software.

Escrow Accounting

Leave managing your escrow accounts up to us and devote more time to running your business. We’ll create a “master” account that provides sub-accounts for your client’s escrow funds, provide you with a comprehensive statement each month, and even handle all paperwork and tax reporting.

Sweep Accounts

Put your idle cash to work! If you’re looking for higher returns on your cash balances while minimizing your risk, a sweep account is the perfect solution. A sweep account links your checking account to an investment account, and automatically transfers the funds that exceed your checking account’s established target balance into the investment account.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)

Designed for companies that maintain a general operating account and separate subsidiary accounts for payroll, petty cash, or other purposes. With Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs), all of your company’s funds are consolidated into one operating account which maximizes funds available for investment. Funds are automatically transferred to the subsidiary accounts for the exact amount of the disbursement, thereby maintaining a zero balance in each subsidiary account.

Additional Services