Easy Ways to Help Your Home Keep its Value

Ways to Help Your Home Keep Its Value

Maintaining a home is an ongoing investment, however all your effort to keep it in tip-top shape can pay dividends over time. Making even small improvements can add value to your home while helping you enjoy it more. No matter how long your home improvement to-do list is, it’s best to take a proactive approach to planning and tackling your projects so that you can financially manage the expenses. Here are a variety of value-boosting projects to consider that suit a wide range of budgets:

Minor Repairs

Sometimes pipes leak, lights burn out, and dings mysteriously appear in drywall. While it may be easy to ignore minor repairs in your home, if they aren’t addressed on an ongoing basis, the list of necessary minor repairs can become extensive. Take the time and energy to fix small damages around your home regularly. With the right tools, and maybe an online how-to guide, you can conquer many repairs yourself. Minor issues, like a leaky pipe, could ultimately turn into a bigger project that may require a professional. Keep up with these tasks to avoid future stress and higher costs.

Curb Appeal

You don’t need to hire a professional landscaper to make the outside of your home look great. Simply keeping your property clean and kept will make your home more inviting. Trim branches that are growing too closely to your home, driveway, or neighbors. Gardening can be a relaxing hobby for some, but if you’re lacking a green thumb, plant low maintenance shrubs and bushes to add greenery to your yard. A few simple potted plants can also help a home look well-maintained on the outside.

You may also want to tackle projects that require a little more work, but will impact the overall integrity of your property. Seal your driveway regularly to protect it and promote longevity. Inspect and clean out the gutters to ensure no water damage is occurring. Consider power washing and painting your front door, porch or shutters—this can be a quick and easy way to add more vibrancy to your home.

General Indoor Revamps

The following tips can be applied around the home in almost any room!

  1. Throw a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Walls fade, stain, and become outdated over time. Paint is an inexpensive way to help a space feel larger, brighter, and more inviting. Consider an accent wall to create dimension in a small space and draw the eye to a focal wall. Earthy tones are currently trending, soothing, and easy to work with if you plan to sell your home in the near future.
  2. Repaint trim and doors. As previously mentioned, paint is one of the most inexpensive ways to add value in a space. Adding a fresh coat of white paint to window trim, floor molding, doors, and door frames gives any room a clean look.
  3. Update flooring. Ditch the linoleum and any carpet that is discolored. Hardwood flooring is a timeless investment with guaranteed added value to your home. If you live in an older home, check to see if you have quality floor hiding underneath dated carpet that can be refinished. If installing hardwood flooring is out of your budget, there are many alternatives such as laminate that give the same look, but are less expensive.
  4. New lighting fixtures. Do you have an outdated lighting set-up? Maybe one that reminds you of a 20s dressing room with exposed lightbulbs on a mirrored panel? Then it is time for an update. New lighting options can take up less space in the room and brighten up your home. Installing ceiling fans is another way to give a value-boosting touch to a room.

Go Green

Energy efficiency and green-living is the trend and will increase the likelihood of interested future buyers. Many small details in the home can be upgraded to reduce your environmental footprint. In the kitchen, install a water filtration system to your faucet for fresh, clean water so you can cut out the cost of purchasing plastic bottled water. To minimize drafts and cut down on heat and central air costs, add weather stripping to doors. Water saving measures can be taken by investing in new showerheads, water faucets, and dual flush toilets. Finally, consider implementing a greywater system to reuse drain water and rainwater for irrigation outside.


Specific areas in your home may need more work than others. Be sure to start with the most pressing repairs and outdated areas first. If you’re ready to add value, but don’t have an obvious place to start, go for the kitchen. Studies have shown that a well-kept kitchen can significantly benefit your home’s value. Painting or staining old cabinets is less costly than replacing them completely and will freshen up the kitchen right away. As your budget allows, replace outdated appliances and make sure you keep up with regular maintenance. Handles and pulls on cabinetry are easy to switch out to keep the general look and feel up-to-date. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, an updated kitchen will warmly welcome guests and make your home more enjoyable.

As a homeowner, maintenance and repairs are a given. Make sure to account for that in your budget, but also take note of financing options that can help you take on bigger ticket projects. A Simply Home Improvement Loan or a Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit can provide the supplemental funds you may need to bridge the gap between what you have saved and what you need to spend. We’re happy to discuss your options with you and help you decide the best course of action!

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