CEO Message

DIR - Thomas J. Shara

Thomas J. Shara

President and Chief Executive Officer
Lakeland Bancorp, Inc. and Lakeland Bank

50th Anniversary Logo

Our Bank was founded in 1969 by Bob Nicholson, John Fredericks and Bruce Bohuny—three local businessmen who recognized the need for a local bank that could conveniently service the area and support the community. Their combined vision has not only served the banking needs of the community, it has also served all of us who have worked at the Bank, all of the Bank’s shareholders and many community service initiatives that help support and build healthy, vibrant neighborhoods. We sincerely thank them for the foundation upon which we have built one of the best and most respected banks in N.J. 

A few weeks ago I did some research to see how significant a 50th anniversary is for a company….and learned it’s a big deal! To put it in perspective, consider that: 

  • Only about 36% of companies make it to 10 years; about 21% celebrate 20 years
  • Less than 55 companies have been on the Fortune 500 list since 1955
  • Today the average life span of companies listed on the S&P 500 is less than 18 years

 I think Lakeland has done something right and has strong longevity because: 

  • Our growth has been consistent and steady from organic growth and well-timed acquisitions
  • We have invested in the right markets, the right technology, and the right people
  • And we continue to attract new investors which is critical for our future

To mark our 50th Anniversary, we produced a time-line video to highlight some of the most prominent milestones, innovations and relationships that are a part of our history. It wasn’t easy to fit a half century of accomplishments into one short video, but we hope you enjoy it!